Affinity Schemes & Member Organisations

Tailored solutions for affinity groups.

Flexible, impartial, proven.

We provide a personalised service for UK affinity groups, seeking to deliver increased member satisfaction and higher revenue streams through an insurance programme that is tailored to their members’ needs.

We have long-standing relationships with some of the UK’s largest membership organisations which are built on a proven ability to provide expertise and impartial advice.

Our services span branding, marketing, product selection and development, sales and service fulfilment. So whether it's guidance on the best approach for launching a new member insurance service, or looking to improve one already on offer, we have the expertise to hand.

Furthermore as an independent broker we are not tied to a particular product or approach which means we are entirely free to work with the most appropriate insurers for each particular client. That freedom enhances our capacity to define, deliver and continuously develop products and services that not only increase revenue streams for an organisation but also increase members’ connection to it.

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