Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Your capital is at risk, your human capital that is.

Group private medical; critical illness; life assurance; travel; personal accident; income protection; sick pay protection; pensions and key man insurance. These are the basic insurance tools of people risk management.

Employee benefits can be one of the most adaptable offerings in insurance. Howden consultants help you design a programme with no waste or undue complications, that makes sense to employees and business leaders alike – for the long term. The good news is that tailored solutions needn’t cost you more. Our case-by-case approach can deliver significant cost efficiency benefits, as well as cutting people risks Call us and we’ll show you how.


International employee benefits for expats

Compliance requirements are different all around the world – as are the insurance markets.

Getting the arrangements right takes global knowhow.

Howden is a truly global business with offices and trusted partners in over 90 countries.

We’ll equip your programme to deliver results wherever in the world your people work.


Employee Benefits Consultancy Service

Everything we do for you and your employees is powered by:


  1. Private medical: the best care, no questions asked

When people are ill they really want quick help. Early intervention can make a world of difference to the prognosis – as can getting specialist drugs that aren’t always readily available on the NHS.

These are the terms we secure for all our private medical clients.

Because you don’t want to exclude any of your people, we have schemes that happily cover pre-existing conditions. That way, you don’t have to ask awkward questions and your talent is covered from day one.  


  1. Pensions: optimised performance, low maintenance

Increasingly, CFOs are looking at pension performance as a critical selection criterion. Is your pension scheme set up to deliver maximum returns for your people? With the average amount needed to retire with no money worries now £250,000  – isn’t it time you took a second look? 

Existing pension schemes are not reviewed often enough – we can often secure substantially better terms, either with the existing provider or by moving your pension pot elsewhere.

Financial education can be the difference between saving smart or ending up with less. That’s why we offer targeted workshops to clients’ employees of all ages.


  1. Life Assurance: beneficiaries get a salary multiple lump sum

Should one of your employees pass away, they’ll want their family to be taken care of.

An agreed lump sum, usually a multiple of the deceased’s annual salary, won’t take away their pain but it will take away some of the pressure of losing a reliable breadwinner.

It’s particularly important the money reaches the beneficiaries quickly, in the most tax efficient manner for the individuals in question.


  1. Income protection

Income protection insurance usually pays out to the employer, who in turn pays their employee when they are off work with a long term illness or disability.

It works this way so that the employer can handle the PAYE tax obligations and pension contributions, as they normally would. Income protection pays their salary for a pre-defined period, another customisable element of the programme – recommended lengths vary from industry to industry.


  1. Critical illness: much needed cash in life’s worst moments

When your employee is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, their focus needs be on getting well, and that alone. Critical illness cover provides a cash lump sum to alleviate worries about financial commitments while recuperating.


  1. Travel insurance and personal accident

One of the most popular add ons, well-chosen travel insurance brings peace of mind to both employee and employer.

The travel insurance we offer is very comprehensive, including useful extras like hire car excess waiver; free access to the airport’s executive lounge when the plane is delayed; and of course, 24/7 claims wherever they are in the world.


  1. Lifestyle benefits

Other benefits can help employees live a healthy relaxed lifestyle. Some popular options include:

  • Discounted health screenings
  • Virtual GP
  • Optical benefits
  • Retail therapy discounts
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Financial counselling helplines

This element of cover is infinitely tailorable.

Speak to us about the best options to help you get an edge on the competition.


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