Management Liability

Management Liability products for the PE and VC sectors is one of our core areas of expertise.

Our bespoke products, which have been constantly developed in house over the last 12 years, cover liabilities arising from wrongful acts in the part of corporate entities and their directors and officers, on and off shore.

We are one of the few insurance brokers to have developed in-house insurance solutions designed specifically to address liability exposures arising from private equity structures. Insurance solutions are designed specifically for directors of funds and individuals sitting on portfolio company boards to ensure assets are protected against a broad range of liabilities.

The cover

  • Errors and omissions cover 
  • Outside Directorship liability cover for the board member at portfolio level
  • Loss of documents cover, including costs and expenses in replacing or restoring such documents
  • Cover for forged securities and fraudulent instructions by employees
  • Expenses for official investigations (FSA), Ombudsman and other legal fees 
  • AIFMD compliant policy by a legally approved endorsement

The policy provides for full advancement of cost and expenses:

  • Incurred in investigating and defending claims
  • Associated with an investigation, examination or other proceedings ordered or commissioned by any official body or institution
  • Incurred in defending criminal proceedings up to a final adjudication of guilt
  • Incurred in challenging and resisting extradition proceedings

The policy also offers an extension to provide an additional limit of indemnity to each director and officer in the event of total exhaustion of the policy.

In the event of a director leaving a Board and the Board of Directors deciding not to renew the cover, the previous director who was not party to that decision will be covered for an additional 72 month “run-off” cover.

Key Contacts

Ed Brennan

Ed Brennan

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We consider claims throughout the entire client journey, from initial policy selection to final claim resolution. It is not just when a loss occurs that our claims expertise applies, it is an inherent part of everything that we do.

Our claims specialists work alongside our sector teams to ensure that they are an integral part of the client relationship. By handling claims in-house we are able to guarantee a consistent level of service and responsiveness, which everyone is committed to.